About Logitia.

We are deeply excited about Technology and Software Development, this is what makes us tick and energizes us.  We spend our time creating innovative and cutting edge solutions. We also believe that technology solutions can be created for every budget.

Founded in January 2013, Logitia Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is IT Services Company. A passion to make state-of-the-art software, continuous search for innovation and flexibility in executing projects are the element that characterizes Logitia’s relationship with its clients. Logitia is spear-headed by professionals from diversified backgrounds and excellent skills.

Together we have 25+ man year’s experience in software development across various verticals like Network Management, Energy Trading & Risk Management, eLearning and others.

Our team members operate out of Mumbai, Pune and New York. Our offices are located in Mumbai and Pune.


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Sanjiv Ferreira

It was a pleasure working with Logitia Solutions. They were not only able to develop the solutions required but more importantly were able to offer strategic advice which not only reduced cost but also the time involved without sacrificing any functionality. The team was responsive and it’s a wonderful experience working with them.


“The commitment and focus of Logitia’s team was excellent, and surpassed our expectations.”

“We have been using the software development services provided by Logitia’s for last 1 year. Our mission critical portal was being enhanced and developed by them. The commitment and focus on meeting our expectations was excellent. We are positive about using Logitia as our development partner in the future.”

Saurabh Bhat, Founder, Smeniwas.com

Logitia has played a pivotal role in realising my vision and bringing SMENiwas.com to reality, on time and in the agreed budget. Their smart, trustworthy and professional team, was closely engaged with us from inception till the post go-live. They gave us valuable advice, apart from developing an excellent product for us. They are a great partner and have often gone beyond the call of duty. I highly recommend them!