App Store Optimization(ASO)

Like Search Engine Optimization in the web domain, App Store Optimization or ASO involves optimising your application so that it shows up high in the search results in app stores.

App Store Optimization Like Search Engine Optimisation in the web domain, App Store Optimisation or ASO involves optimising your application so that it shows up high in the search results in app stores. ASO enhances the possibility of your application being seen and used by users of the store and your overall success in promotion and monetization of the app.

Upon optimisation, your app shows up immediately in search results of the app store, thereby maximising visibility and the chance that people will install and use your app rather than one from your competition. Also, as more and more people view your app listing and use your app, your ranking within the store will also climb, leading to category or sub-category recommendations to other people by the store itself. Even from external searches like Web, the chances of your app showing up in search results increases as we optimise your listing.

While Search Engine Optimisation is an established and mature field, app store optimisation is still growing and evolving rapidly, considering the fact that the oldest app store in existence is less than ten years old. While the broader developer community has developed some methods for optimising the visibility and ranking of an app in a store or marketplace, the exact ranking algorithms used by the stores are not well known. We follow some of the most widely known parameters that can enhance the visibility and ranking of your app in an app store.

App Store Optimization Methodology

The higher you rank on the results page, the better are your chances that users will discover your app and install it. Competition is high, so being at the very top of the search results is absolutely crucial.

On App Store Optimization:

Keyword Optimization:

This involves finding the best keywords that best describe the app and the services it provides so that the app is among the top results served by the store when users search for the respective keywords. Finding proper keywords is a lot more resource intensive than it sounds like it in-

Asset Optimization:

The supporting ele-ments on the app’s listing also impact the rank that the store’s sorting algo-rithm provides your app. Having good icons, explanatory videos and screen-shots all help in proving that the app is genuine and thus more likely to get a higher rank.

Off App Store Optimization:

More Installations:

Higher the number of installations higher is the placement of the app on App Store search results. We’d be working with various partners, portals, forums, groups, users, etc to increase the number of app installations.

Spreading the word:

Making your application available on multiple marketplaces and sending them to technology blogs for reviews increases the chances that your app will be ranked higher by the app store. We’d be promoting your app on social media, we’ll set up a page exclusively for the app, starting a blog dedicated to the app and answering any queries that the users might have.