What is Gaming?

Gamification is an increasingly important marketing method which seeks to effectively engage customers and influence their behavior through game structures and mechanics.

It takes advantage of our psychological tendency to engage in games. As a technique it is mainly used to encourage people to engage in behaviors they might ordinarily find boring; shopping, completing surveys or reading websites.

Why should companies use Gaming:

The proliferation of games in today’s society is evident across all ages that not just children or teenagers hooked onto their gaming devices but adults and elders alike! Today we see games in all business discipline, be it for entertainment, education or even marketing, games can be an effective way to build your audience.

Though gaming mechanics like adding levels, points or rewards have been used in customer loyalty programmers for many years, it is now with such behavioral data explosion that we can begin to harness the power of games effectively.

Logitia realizes your idea right from the conceptualization stage to design and execute. We combine your ideas, our experience and technical resources, to deliver a game product to be of the modern day standards achieving your desired results.

  • Advantages of Gaming for organizations/ businesses:

1. Gamification provides instant access to performance feedback. 

For example, if you are using a very basic gaming component such as a leader-board after a quiz, the user immediately knows where they stand among their peers.

2. Gamification can build employee engagement.

Eg:  badge-based system within the organization the rewards employees for various activities. Taking this one step further, you can allow employees to “cash-in” these badges and points for real benefits.

3. Gamification can boost productivity.

Implementing a reward system based on a specific set of activities can encourage employees to perform pre-defined tasks in an orderly fashion.

4. Gamification can increase learning retention.

Be it with rewards or through friendly competition, gamification helps employees better internalize the content as they relate to it differently than just reading a job aid or watching a training video – both of which represent one direction communication

  • Gaming as a marketing tool

Real People as influencers:
Your potential consumers want to hear from their friends and other consumers about your brand, not your brand itself.
Gamification incorporates fun and an element of competition to a marketing strategy.
It makes an emotional connection with the audience and lead to a longer relationship as opposed to simple brand awareness.

  • Types of games:
    • Casual games
    • Simulation games (training, analysis or prediction)
    • Arcade games
    • Mobile games
    • Educational games
    • Corporate gaming for appraisal/ assessment
    • Video games / 3D games
  • What services do we offer in this
    • Game systems
    • Creating designs
    • Balancing & testing
    • Localization (translating it in different languages with customized character)
  • Industries
    • eLearning
    • Arts & Entertainment
    • Serious games for corporates