Gamification For ELearning

Gamification for eLearning in HTML5 using Construct 2

eLearning content is incomplete nowadays without interactive content. Pure text based content slide after slide is very boring and difficult to comprehend. New age eLearning content is never static text it contains many small interactions which learner needs to experience hands on to understand the concepts clearly. eLearning content is mostly created in HTML5 so that it can run on all devices. Within HTML5 based eLearning content to create interactives and games Construct 2 is an ideal tool to use. We have been using Construct 2 for more than 2 years now. Its super capable with support for Physics, Animation, Image Effects, HTML5 Audio/Video, etc. We had completed a huge project for Sweden based eLearning company where using Construct 2 we had developed 10,000 files of Flash content in HTML5. This project would have been impossible to finish within the short deadline without using Construct 2, it really saved the day then. We have extensive list of content developed in Construct 2 which we can showcase, please contact us for a demo.