HTML5 game development

HTML5 is the latest and most enhanced version of HTML. This Technology keeps on growing day by day and us ready to give the best service in game development using HTML5. Logitia ready to take challenges from new and latest technology to give client outstanding service. Building an HTML5 game requires a lot of planning and thinking. We think of a unique gameplay that makes the players engaged and interested. Our experts understand your project needs and offer the most suitable solution for HTML5 based game development using proper visuals, audio, animations, and multimedia elements. We are expert in making games & interactive content using HTML5 and many JavaScript Engines ex: KinecticJS, RaphaelJS, CreateJS, etc.

The Advantages of building an HTML5 Game:
•Simple and Versatile Programming
•Cross Platform
•Unique Distribution
•Document Object Model
Logitia specializes in:

•Kids Games
•Interactive games
•Casual Games
•Strategy Games
•Arcade Games
•Puzzle Games