Ionic Framework

Ionic Marketplace

We are very excited about Ionic Framework Marketplace announcement. It would open up access to showcase your apps and services and get in more business.

Ionic Framework as a mobile application development framework is rapidly growing in functionality and acceptance. Both these attributes are very important for the growth of any framework out there. Its founders have also received huge funding which will ensure that they are free to dedicate themselves totally to advancement of this framework.

Ionic Framework being based on AngularJS gives it direct acceptance in the AngularJS development community which would not have prefered jQM, Sencha, Kendo, etc. When you Google for ‘Hybrid Mobile Application Framework’ Ionic shows up just on the second row which shows it popularity.

Logitia has already one application in Google Playstore which was built using Ionic Framework, work is almost coming to completion on second app development which should be out soon.

Our Ionic Framework based App that converts your WordPress site into Mobile App: