Institute Management Systems

Kusoma Web Application

Kusoma LMS is an innovative way to manage the learning content of institutes. It manages multi-location based institutions. Teachers can assign course material and also assignments. Students can log in and go through the eLearning Content and then answer assignments. Admin has control over the complete system and can create a structure to match its business structure.
An application is developed using ASP.NET, C#, Javascript, Ajax, JQuery and SQL server, UI is fully responsive.

Key Features:
•Multi-Institution Account System
•Multi-branch for a single institution System
•Manage Directors/Principal, Administrators, and Teachers
•Manage Courses, Modules, and topics
•Create Test’s, Assignments, Reading Materials by the Teachers
•Tracking Test’s, Scores and Assignments of the students
•Notification and Calendar Management
•Many types of Analytical Reporting system

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