Laravel 5 1 Kommt Noch Diese Woche

Laravel 5.1

Very excited about Laravel 5.1, we have been using Laravel 5 for sometime now. One of our major project is built in Larvale 5. We primarily used these Laravel capabilities:

  • Handling ajax and restful requests
  • Built-in, as well as sentry based authentication and role-based authorization
  • SMTP, Sendgrid and Mandrill based emails
  • Complex form request validations and custom error messaging
  • Laravel tinker tool, collections, query and schema builders, Eloquent ORM, database seeding and test data generation using PHPFaker
  • Complex blade templating using inheritance and sections
  • Flash messaging with popup bootstrap dialogs for better error messages
  • File upload and downloads to local as well as S3 data stores
  • PDF generation using blade templates
  • Datagrid Integration with Laravel (either using jQuery datagrids or custom datagrid components like Cartalyst datagrids),
  • Data caching using Redis and file based caches
  • Laravel scheduler for job scheduling and Laravel command bus
  • Unit & Integration testing using PHPUnit
  • AWS deployments using EC2 and S3

Now in Laravel 5.1 Commands are being renamed as Jobs, we used Commands to build our scheduled jobs which cron executed. Jobs seems to be a better name as it is more intuitive but it also means we’ll have migration overhead.

We had tough time getting SMTP based mail working, finally had to settle for Mandril HTTP based mail service, would need to check whether this works better/easier now. Although I suspect it might not be as such Laravel issue.

Another addition is better documentation which it kind of overwhelming because Laravel documentation combined with laracasts was already amongst the best. I did not have any wish list for documentation on top of that if it has been made better then I am very pleasantly surprised.