PHP Package Manager – Composer for Laravel Projects

downloadAt Logitia we came across PHP Package Manager – Composer while experimenting with Laravel 5. Needless to say we totally were enchanted by its ease of use and capabilities. We had used node.js package manager NPM in the past for our various Cordova – Ionic projects and found Composer to be almost as easy to use. With support of (packagist- main Composer repository) it was easy to find required modules and then manually add them to composer.json or provide command line argument. Version dependency was also easy to manage with packagist & composer combination.

Greatest benefit for us was that it made setup on a new machine very simple, just running composer install, composer update would sync up the machine with all dependencies. New developer would just download code from our BitBucket repository using SourceTree and sync dependencies with Composer. That’s it and he would be good to go.
I especially like the Composer logo, the composer seems to be so much into it 🙂