Smart Asset Management and Tracking (SAM)

Smart Asset Management and Tracking are aimed at addressing the problem and bring in more accountability and traceability with respect to Assets, both static and moveable.

Need for the App:

  • Assets are key components in Industries and Marketing activities. They are very high value and part of Balance Sheet.
  • All assets are supposed to be Physically verified, as per Statutory norms, once in every two years and reconciled with Asset Master Register maintained in Backend system like ERP etc..
  • Many assets have higher life cycle so they need to be maintained, traced and tracked.
  • Static assets in a single location can be easily traced but assets lying across the country (moveable)  are difficult to trace/track.
  • Due to this many Organisations have a difficult time in complying with Statutory needs of Physical verification.

Advantages of the System:

  • Easy to implement and no additional HW is required for this system
  • Total Operational cost of this system is reasonable and affordable
  • Asset is uniquely identified
  • A system is backend ERP neutral, it can be integrated with any backend.
  • Asset identification can be done by an authorized person.
  • It tracks the Asset and gives the exact position of it.
  • With DMS, helps in retrieving key documents

Verticals Where this is very effectively useful:

  • Heavy Industries with large number of assets
  • Logistics companies with multiple warehouses and movable assets
  • Retail industry with Pan India presence there by having assets across the company
  • Construction companies with multiple sites operation
  • Aviation Industry and it’s services companies like Airports Authority, Ground handling services etc.
  • Municipal Corporations , Police, Military