Smart Vehicle Management is aimed at addressing the problem of the Transport sector and make efficient and effective Operations or Fleet / Vehicle owners, Crew of the fleet.

Manage Your Vehicle:

  • This app is loaded with all Vehicle drivers/owners mobiles.
  • All mobile numbers are validated for use of app
  • Vehicle master with details will be maintained in Web server, details like RTO info, insurance info, PUC info, key components info
  • This system is designed for maintaining Vehicle Log, Driver log without human intervention with backup.
  • This system generates alerts for statutory needs as add-on facility

Advantages of the System:

  • Only valid user (Driver / Owner) can use this App.
  • Vehicle is uniquely identified by  Mobile Phone
  • Gives alerts for renewals of vehicle insurance etc.
  • Vehicle identification can be done by anyone who is a registered user.
  • It tracks the Vehicle and gives the exact position of it.
  • It helps in creating vehicle wise trip details.

Transport Industry:

  • Transport Industry has Fleet Operators with multiple vehicles and drivers to drive them
  • Keeping track of Driver Log, Vehicle Log, Vehicle performance management is a challenge
  • Fleet management with timely alerts.