Multitouch application is a web app which empowers teachers to create multitouch collaborative activities in theme based environments.

The Web App works on any browser and can be used on Multitouch table, Interactive LED, Touch Screen Monitors, iPads and mobile devices.

This app allows 1 to 4 learners to simultaneously interact and collaborate on the multi touch device.


It also encourages competitive spirit by timing the activity.

It requires no installation, the application can be configured by teacher and shared on cloud.


Just a few of the key benefits of Multi-Touch Screens are as follows

  • Value for money – Time saving, call saving, quick and easy installation.
  • User Friendly – There is a very limited amount of technical knowledge required to operate these devices.
  • Versatile – These devices and the software can be customized to display any information in various formats to suit your business requirements.
  • Multi Hardware Compatibility – There are a vast array of mobile and static devices that can be attached to and used .
  • Multi operating system compatibility – Many if not all device operating systems are already compatible or can be adapted for use with this technology.
  • Attractive and Interesting – Due to the attractive designs, captivating look and interesting functionality of Multi-Touch app you can be sure to captivate and hold the attention of your entire audience.