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WhatsApp not to provide Public API

From the report published at:

It seems WhatsApp will not be providing developers any API to write apps on top of it. This is contrary to Facebook’s approach towards its own messenger service which its trying to develop into full fledged gaming, messaging, etc platform. How will this leave WhatsApp to compete with ever growing Telegram messenger which I personally prefer ?

This also limits user experience to only what Facebook/WhatsApp can imagine and develop, all the development creativity out there gets no role to play in the progress of WhatsApp which is quite sad. In Telegram I use Bots which are developed using its API, they provide quite exciting features, also it provides interface on all platforms rather than just web based interface on desktop.

The race is on I guess, probably it could be Facebook’s internal strategy to curtail growth of WhatsApp, who knows ๐Ÿ™‚