• Better Customer Service – More and more readers are reading web content exclusively on their mobiles. Excite your readers with your own hybrid smartphone app based on your WordPress blog!
  • Increase your reach – By placing your mobile app in Google and Apple App Stores, you can start targeting completely new customer groups who do not read using desktops or laptops.
  • Loyal Customer Base – Downloading your mobile app indicates customer base loyalty. You can start serving this customer base much better, by planning your future content after tracking their page views using Google Analytics.
  • Risk Free Mobile App Investment – We will give you your own customized 15 days trial app for FREE. During this 15 days trial period, you can explore the mobile app on your own cellphone. Pay for the mobile app and take it live, only after you are completely satisfied that you are making the right decision and investment.
  • Flat, one-time fee – Unlike other solutions in the market which charge you monthly or annual recurring fees, we charge a reasonable one-time fee for building your mobile application.
  • Mobile interface for your wordpress site – The mobile app shows all the content from your wordpress website in a mobile app in a beautiful layout. Any changes to the wordpress website, like new posts, categories or comments are instantly reflected in the app when users either pull-to-refresh or restart the app.
  • Beautiful UI/UX – The standard app user interface has a beautiful theme and layout. The user interface can be customized if required.
  • Pull to refresh new posts – While browsing posts, just pull down to refresh with new posts that might have been published on the wordpress site.
  • Infinite scroll (improves user experience in mobile) – Allows your users to smoothly browse through hundreds of posts. Only a small number of posts (e.g. 10) are shown to the user at a time. Newer posts are automatically retrieved from your wordpress website as the user starts scrolling towards the bottom.
  • View entire post – Clicking on a post summary gives access to the entire post.
  •  Post Comment – The app allows your unregistered users to view comments and even add new comments.
  • Cycle through posts – While viewing posts, easily navigate through posts by clicking on previous and next buttons.
  • Share a post with Social Sharing tool – Your users can easily share a post with others using the various social sharing apps installed on their mobile (like email, sms messaging, whatsapp, facebook, twitter etc.)
  • Increase and Decrease font size control in a post – While viewing posts, it is possible to zoom in or out of a post to increase or decrease magnification.
  • Search – Allows your users to easily find relevant posts by using search keywords. All posts matching search results are shown in a list of posts, which the user can easily navigate through.
  • “Loading…” sign when bringing posts – Inform your users that data is being loading from your wordpress site by showing them a ‘Loading’ sign while loading data.
  • Dynamic WordPress post categories – All categories and sub-categories from your wordpress website appear in a neatly laid out menu based tree structure. Creating new categories on your wordpress website will automatically show them in the mobile app as well.
  • Viewing posts by categories – View all posts belonging to a category.
  • Google AdMob integration – The app is integrated with Google Ad Mob, allowing you to monetize your app.
  • External links – If your wordpress post has any external links, then your users can view them in their mobile’s browser.
  • Splash screen – Show a custom splash screen to your users when they start the app.
Custom Pages
  • If you need to show any custom pages to your users just in your mobile app, but not in the wordpress website, then that can be done too. Some examples of such custom pages are mobile privacy policy disclaimers, mobile only deals and discounts etc.
  • PhoneGap / Cordova Full Hybrid App using AngularJS + Ionic framework. Ionic framework is an open source front-end SDK for developing hybrid mobile apps with HTML5
  • Custom wordpress plugin will need to be installed on your wordpress site, which will allow translate and send wordpress data back to the mobile app.

Fantastic app and service. We are very pleased to get a great looking app, that stays up-to-date with our site automatically. If you are seeking an elegant mobile app to accompany your WordPress blog, look no further!

Sangeetha Menon